About Us & FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

About Us and Our Community

MetaMural is a global marketplace for fine arts and NFTs. Our platform bridges the gap between the traditional art world and the quickly expanding realm of digital art by promoting and elevating the work of artists as well as the thoughtful curations of galleries and institutions in the metaverse. MetaMural enables valuable digital asset transfers and experiences to collectors and art audiences worldwide.

Pairing blockchain technology with MetaMural’s creative approach, the artists, gallerists, collectors, or art appreciators can collaborate and co-create the future of physical and digital art with us. We expand the digital experience by bringing context and meaning currently missing from the NFT space. We enhance physical art spaces by creating immersive and fun experiences. Our vision is to maximize the yield of emotional, educational, and monetary value for all involved.

Most importantly, we initiate a welcome ripple of accessibility, trust, transparency, and empowerment that will resonate profoundly throughout the art ecosystem– the heartbeat of which is community. In appreciation of participants who are transforming the experience of art in the physical space and in the metaverse with us, we have created an Engage-to-Earn opportunity that rewards community members for their time and involvement with physical and digital events. Members continuously level up within Insider Art Societies and their rankings allow them to unlock additional utilities on the platform and within the ecosystem.

Our Commitment To Building Utility

Utility to the artist and gallery partners with support for connecting to the metaverse, promotion, marketing, and sales.

Utility to the collectors by providing a vetted base of exclusive collectibles worthy of their collections and investments; and a trusted vehicle in exploring and collecting.

Utility to the community through rewarded engagement with exclusive digital and physical events, early access to rare drops, and educational programs.

What is an NFT?

NFTs prove ownership of a unique digital asset like art, music, collectibles, videos or anything else with blockchain technology. NFT stands for non-fungible token. This means that NFTs are just digital certificates of authenticity. If you buy a physical painting, you know it’s real because you see the artist’s signature on the canvas and/or the gallery you purchase it from will give you a certificate of authenticity. NFTs take certification one step further, by eternally recording the provenance of the art on the blockchain. So, there is a running record of who owns this valuable art, forever!

NFTs enable digital authentication for digital assets like art. Just like physical certificates, they document:

  • Who created it
  • When it was created
  • Who bought it (and when)
  • The price(s) it solds for
  • Who owns it now

NFTs can contain any data the creator wants to include; the above examples represent just a few key data points. On MetaMural, you will find additional data points such as:

  • Which gallery the work was minted from
  • What edition number is the NFT
  • A short description of the Art

All of this information is public via a blockchain, so anyone can trace each of your NFTs from the original creator all the way to your wallet—and verify its authenticity.

All MetaMural Users receive a specific NFT related to MetaMural and can earn rewards to unlock digital and physical experiences, get access to exclusive communities, and even contribute to certain projects in the future. The list of awesome features is endless and we can’t wait for you to discover and enjoy them!

How to purchase an NFT

What is a wallet and how to set it up (MetaMask)

There are many wallet providers and they are free. On the MetaMural platform, we currently offer MetaMask which is very user friendly. In fact, MetaMask is one of the most popular options for the Ethereum blockchain, existing as both a mobile app and a browser extension.

How to buy a NFT on MetaMural (2 ways)

The First Way:

  • Open a crypto exchange account and crypto wallet.
  • Buy Ethereum. The majority of NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Transfer Ethereum into the crypto wallet.
  • Buy the NFT!

The Second Way:

  • Contact ADVOCARTSY info@advocartsy.com for payments in fiat.

What Is A Floor Price

An NFT’s floor price is the lowest amount of money you can spend to own an NFT or become a holder of a project. A price floor also represents the lowest value for an NFT in a market.

Gas Fees

A gas fee is the amount of Ether (ETH) required for an Ethereum blockchain network user to conduct a transaction on the network. Gas fees are used to compensate Ethereum miners for their work in verifying transactions and securing the network.

Secondary Market Sales

A secondary market is crucial when it comes to NFTs. Secondary markets can remit royalties to multiple parties every time an NFT is resold on the same marketplace or a different marketplace than the NFT was minted on. For the purposes of MetaMural, secondary sale royalties will be remitted to the Artist, Gallery, and MetaMural. While MetaMural cannot guarantee secondary marketplace sale royalties on other platforms, it can guarantee them if the work is minted on and then sold again on the MetaMural platform.

What Makes MetaMural Unique

  • Dynamic smart contracts where artists and galleries can set their terms online.
  • Curated and customizable pages for galleries, artists, and collectors.
  • Engage-to-Earn rewards system and Art Society tiers.
  • Art of Giving DAO.

Dynamic Smart Contracts

Our mission is to provide an incredible user experience. We are not in the business of dictating terms to our gallery and artist community members, nor do we want to be! Our dynamic smart contracts allow for galleries and artists to set the terms of sale between themselves and tell us how our platform should facilitate the transaction!

The MetaMural Experience: Custom To You

The central idea of art is expression. We seek to provide our community with every tool and opportunity to create, communicate, and express themselves across their pages and to their followers.

Adding Value: Engage-to-Earn Model And Art Societies

We are creating an NFT reward system that will act as the utility NFT within the MetaMural ecosystem. The NFT will enable NFT holders to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the marketplace, including digital and in-person exhibitions, early access to rare first drops, and exclusive events.

We are actively seeking partnerships to offer insider experiences and you can get in touch to explore with us!

Impact: Art of Giving Through MetaMural DAO

MetaMural is guided by an ethos of treading the globe with a light footprint and always giving back. We are building a philanthropic DAO ecosystem as the Community Treasury. This is our foray into decentralization and we will build on this budding ecosystem with time. The Community Treasury is an open and transparent funds system, allocating 2% of Engage-to-Earn funds to not-for-profit organizations identified by the community that work to preserve our environment or provide additional learning spaces and resources to artists. As community members, you will vote to rank the nonprofits as the most urgent directive for these funds.

MetaMural Community Rules and Guidelines

We’re a community-driven marketplace and we hope the community’s core values will serve as a north star for all MetaMural members to create an awesome experience for everyone!

As long as you don’t do anything illegal, unethical, or hateful, you should be fine. Whoever does can’t be on our platform. MetaMural does not condone hate speech, general illegal behavior, violent rhetoric, spam, or fraudulence of any kind. If you witness any MetaMural user defying our rules and guidelines, please report them to make the community better for everyone. For further guidance, you can read our Terms of Service on the website.

If these guidelines are violated, the culprit may be banned or blacklisted following an internal, case-by-case investigation.

Safety, Security, and Policies

Secure Wallet Connections To MetaMural

Just like your physical wallet, your crypto wallet is secure as long as you don’t compromise it. When you connect your wallet to MetaMural you only give us permission to “view the addresses of your permitted accounts”, meaning we can’t take anything out of your wallet. Any transaction that costs you anything will appear as a separate pop-up that prompts the user to verify and confirm the transaction each time.